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Why Inflatable Boats? The Complete Guide

Inflatable boats are lightweight vessels made of flexible tubes filled with compressed air. These boats are useful for emergency transport or short-distance maneuvering. Furthermore, inflatable boats are portable and deflate quickly, allowing for easy storage and modification. As a result, they are frequently used as life rowboats for vessels and aircraft, and recreation.

Purchasing an inflatable boat is not as straightforward as you might think. Not all boat models work the same way on the water. If you make a bad decision, you may be extremely displeased after the first ride. That is why it is crucial to review all the product’s core features before purchasing.


What Are The Most Common Materials?

PVC or Hypalon is used to make the majority of inflatable boats on the market. The main distinctions between the two components are their resistance and durability. PVC, for instance, is both lightweight and durable. PVC boats are also foldable and can be stored almost anywhere. The better ones are reinforced with knitted threads into the fabric. But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of PVC boats is their low cost. As a result, they are the best option for people on a tight budget.

Hypalon, on the contrary, is thicker and more durable than PVC. It can resist heavy impacts, UV rays, high temperatures, and elevated air pressure. Is probably the most appropriate for heavy-duty use. So, if you plan to use your boat frequently, Hypalon is the best material to use. Best of all, unlike PVC boats, Hypalon boats do not require deflation after every use.


Various floor types can provide you with various choices for the boat’s compactness, maneuverability, and storage convenience. Here are some of the flooring options for inflatable boats:

  1. Roll-Up Flooring

This is the simplest floor made of aluminum or wood slats and is commonly found in inflatable boats without keels. These boats come in a multitude of lengths, sizes, quality levels, and materials. Because they are not solid or sturdy, they are less pricey than boats with varied floorings. Boats with this type of flooring are small and simple. They are prominent for their portability and ease of use. These boats are mostly used for quick trips and move at a snail’s pace.

  • Hardwood Flooring

Due to their superior quality over roll-up floor boats, inflatable boats with hard flooring are the most popular option for customers. The hard floor gives the boat solidity and develops an improved hull shape, which increases the boat’s speed. Boats with these floors can withstand strong currents and large waves. However, because of the increased stability and performance provided by the hard flooring, these boats are more expensive and made of higher quality materials. They are simple to put together and deflate.

  • Air floor

In recent years, boats with this type of flooring have gone mainstream. They have a wide range of applications but are prone to perforations. These boats are light and fast because the whole floor is pressurized. Air floor inflatables have enhanced steering control as well as offer superior efficiency on the water. Because of their lightweight, they are not suitable for use in rough waters.

  • Self-bailing floor

Normal boats have a non-bailing characteristic due to their enclosed tube flooring. This implies that if water splashes on the inside of a boat during an exercise, it will remain inside unless physically scooped out. On the other hand, boats with self-bailing floors have deliberately put holes in the sides of the floors by which water can leave the boat. These boats can be immensely beneficial in exercises like white-water watersports, where a huge amount of water enters the boat.


The size of your inflatable will be determined by the number of personnel and goods you plan to transport on your boat. The capacity of inflatable boats typically ranges from two to four people, depending on how much room you require for those occupants. A 2.3m inflatable boat will have less room than a 3m inflatable boat for three occupants with materials, but the 2.3m may be sufficient for just two occupants.

When considering the size, consider the inflatable boat’s maximum load capacity and use that as guidance. This could mean that your boat can conveniently accommodate two adults and two children on one outing, while on another can accommodate three adults.


There are many different boats on the market by lots of different manufacturers. Before getting into the specific boat choices, you must first determine how much money you are prepared to spend on your new inflatable boat.

Transom Or Roundtail?

The main difference between roundtail and transom is an engine. Roundtails aren’t designed to hold an engine, but the advantage is that there’s more room. An inflatable boat with a transom can use an outboard engine and is more reliable than a roundtail. However, the transom makes the inflatable boat bulkier, generally speaking, than the roundtail.

Types Of Inflatable Boats for Different Purposes

Even though inflatable boats are quite dynamic, versatile, and lightweight, individuals choose various types of inflatable boats for various reasons. Let’s look at the five most popular types of inflatable boats so you can pick the best one for you:

Recreational Inflatable Raft

The first picture that immediately springs to mind when thinking of inflatable boats is a person paddling a small boat along a river or lake. The inflatable raft is the name for this small boat. Inflatable boats of this type are by far the most popular and broadly utilized. Inflatable rafts are typically used in lakes and rivers, as their simple form makes them vulnerable to sea currents. Because most water sport activities, such as boating, paddling, and river rafting, occur on rivers and lakes, we believe inflatable rafts are the best choice for these activities.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks have grown in popularity in recent years. I mean, what’s not to like? On the water, they’re enjoyable, light and portable, flexible, secure, and dynamic. Based on the intended use, inflatable kayaks come in a variety of sizes as well as features. As a result, they’ve now become a great addition for white-water rafters, outdoor enthusiasts, RV owners, and even anglers.


Water Sports Inflatable Dinghy

The inflatable dinghy is yet another popular inflatable boat. It has an inflatable hull with numerous air chambers and flooring options such as inflatable, wooden, and aluminum. For increased speed, a propeller motor can be hung on the transom frame. The inflatable dinghies are tough, sturdy, dynamic, lightweight, and small enough to be handled by one individual and can be utilized on a lake, river, or the sea. It is of excellent quality and is primarily used as a tender for bigger vessels.

Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) for Patrolling and Surveillance

Rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RIBs) are another name for rigid-hulled inflatable boats. Because their hull is rigid, they are a cross between an inflatable boat and a regular boat. This combines the perfect combination, as the inflatable tubes offer outstanding buoyancy even if the vessel fills with water in rough sea situations. The shaped rigid hull makes the boat operational, maneuverable and boosts performance.

The cost of performance is portability. Because the rigid hull cannot be disassembled, these boats are no more portable than traditional boats. There are foldable RIBs, but they are nowhere near as small as traditional inflatable boats. They are divided into 3-4 large pieces.

Pontoon Boat Inflatable for Fishing

Inflatable pontoon boats are typically two large air tubes and one seat in the middle of the boat. The seat can be inflatable or a genuine metal boat seat, with the two air tubes connected by a contoured air bladder or metal frame. They are specifically engineered and used for fishing and are also referred to as catamarans. Most small pontoon boats are intended for only one person, while larger ones can carry up to two to four people. The two inflatable tubes of pontoon boats have an increased weight capacity and are good to cut through the water, making them popular for fishing.

Are Inflatable Boats Worth It?

Many people wonder if it is worthwhile to buy inflatable boats and whether they appear to be prone to busting. Below we will list some pros and cons of owning an inflatable boat:


  • less expensive than other types of boats
  • Simple to store
  • Have a stylish, sporty appearance.
  • A larger boat’s paint will not be scratched by it.
  • Easier to transport than traditional boats


  • They sometimes don’t last as long as other boats
  • They’re often smaller than other boats so cannot hold as many people

The Durability Of Your Inflatable Boats

Most inflatable boats are far less durable than “real” boats. That isn’t to say that inflatables aren’t long-lasting. The truth is that durability differs significantly between models, but an inflatable boat is typically more durable than a pool toy. Consider the popular action sport of rafting; what types of boats do they use? When it comes to higher-end designs, something manufactured with fabric will not mean it can’t take a pounding. The key is to understand your craft’s limitations, and durability will not be an issue.

The Best Cheap Inflatable Boats 2021

  • Intex Explorer 200

The Intex Explorer 200 is a low-cost inflatable boat that is ideal for relaxing at the pool, lagoons, and serene lakes. The Explorer 200 is a two-person boat with a load capacity of 210 pounds that is ideal for family entertainment.The Explorer 200 has two air compartments, a grab rope at the bow, and dimensions of 73′′ x 16′′ x 37′′.


Best Four Rated Inflatable Boats 2021

  • Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boat Series

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The Seahawk 3 inflatable boat is ideal for trying to make your boating journey thrilling and enjoyable, whether you’re fishing, soothing, or paddling on the lake. For convenience and durability, the floor is made of heavy-duty, puncture-resistant PVC, and it has an inflatable I-beam structure for solidity.

The Best Four-Person Pontoon Boat

  • Laker mini fishing pontoon boat

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The Laker mini pontoon boat is an all-aluminum boat designed to look like a truck bed liner. It’s among the most relaxing mini pontoons on the market at the moment now. The functionalities are under-seat storage, an electric engine, a customizable sunshade, bench seating, a power supply, and an onboard charger. Laker creates mini pontoons in a variety of lengths. You can get a seating capacity of at least four people, depending on what type you choose.

Specifications of the boat

13’3″ pontoon length

Thickness:.090″ Weight: 560 lbs

Four seats are included.

6′ Deck Width

6’10’ x 6’10’ x 6’10’ x 6’10’

900-pound maximum passenger capacity

1100 pound maximum weight capacity

20HP HP Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you inflate a boat with an air compressor?

You don’t need to use an air compressor to inflate small boats, but it definitely helps. To inflate manually, apply breathing exercises by inhaling deeply each time you blow air. A well-inflated boat will result from slow but concise breathing. Before blowing air into the boat, always sanitize the port with antiseptics to avoid direct interaction with germs.

However, it is much easier to use an air compressor especially if you are trying to inflate a large or medium-sized boat.

Can Inflatable boats sink?

Inflatable boats may be more difficult to sink than hard-hulled boats. They’re difficult to flip and even more difficult to overinflate.

Inflatable boats are designed to let the air out of one or more chambers while remaining afloat. To inflate a boat, you must inflate it one section at a time. Only that compartment will deflate if anything occurs to one of those sections when you’re out on the water. Most inflatable boats are built to stay above water even if one of the chambers fails. That way, you can repair the dented chamber when out on the water, with little to no inconvenience or risk of sinking.

How reliable are inflatable boats?

For a long time, the United States Coast Guard has used them to board fishing vessels on the offshore fishing grounds. Yes, they can be punctured, but not easy if you purchase a high-quality one. When used correctly, they are completely reliable.

Five Best Inflatable Hard Bottom Boats

  1. Newport Vessels Dana – Marine Wood Floor

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Newport Vessels’ boats have marine wood floorboards. This adds a lot of stability without introducing a lot of weight. In the Dana, you can stand upright without having to feel unsteady – ideal for fishing! Furthermore, the 4-piece floorboard series makes the Dana a LOT lighter. You can transport your boat, oars, pump, seats, and flooring in a single large carry bag. They’re also quite durable. Extremely durable. Although the floorboards are made of wood, the joints are made of aluminum. Even when things get tough, they won’t disengage.

  • Intex Mariner 4 – Plastic Slat Floor

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Intex’s Mariner 4 is the company’s ONLY hard-floor inflatable boat. It has a plastic slat floor rather than wooden floorboards. Plastic slat floors are MUCH easier to install. All you have to do with these is roll it in, and you’re ready to go! When you’re finished, roll it back up. It only takes a few minutes. It’s worth noting that plastic slat floors aren’t as durable as wood floorboards. Trying to stand up will be a little unsteady. But, there isn’t a better hard bottom boat on the market for the cost and convenience.

  • ALEKO Inflatable Boats – Aluminum Floor

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Aluminum floors provide the ultimate stability. Even while riding a wave, you can remain upright – it’ll feel like you’re resting on stable footing! It takes a little time to assemble, just like the wooden boards. Another issue you’ll face is weight. These are thick metal floorboards that will add weight to your boat. ALEKO boats weigh at least 100 pounds, with larger models weighing up to 200 pounds.

  • Sport Boats Killer Whale

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There aren’t many inflatables with the strength of Sport Boats’ Killer Whale. Despite being able to carry more than 1,200 pounds or five adults, it can still float through the rivers with ease owing to its elongated rear pontoons. Because of its curved design, this boat is simple to maneuver. The boat is made of a 9 mm bolstered PVC hull with a slide-in aluminum floor. This really is the ideal dinghy for both freshwater and saltwater exercises.

  • Pexmor 7.5/10 FT

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The Pexmor dinghy is available in two sizes. Both are long-lasting and dynamic, and it is less expensive than industry rivals. Furthermore, it is great for rafting and fishing opportunities. The boat is constructed of a 3x layer 0.9mm 1100D PVC fabric that is puncture, sun, and wear resistant. Because it can accommodate up to four adults, it’s perfect for family entertainment or weekend getaways. With 10 HP attached, it can keep up with the best inflatable speed boats. The spacious Pexmor has a wooden floor, allowing you to stay upright while fishing. This is a cost-effective boat that is ideal for summertime on the lake or as a taxi dinghy.

Top Five Inflatable Boats With Motor

  1. Intex Excursion 5

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The Excursion 5 is a large inflatable boat with a small motor attachment, similar to a Minn Kota. You can spend each day on the lake with your pals without having to worry about a lack of space. This inflatable dinghy boat has seating for up to 5 people. It’s also made of durable vinyl. Sharp things discovered on the shore during launch and landing are not a problem for the vinyl.

Furthermore, thanks to the Boston valve, the boat is simple to inflate and deflate. The pipes are also found in two main hull chambers. For ideal water displacement, there are three air chambers and one auxiliary chamber.

  • Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat – Pro Package

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The inflatable fishing boat from Sea Eagle is the best inflatable boat for fishing trips. There is an engine mount included and a 450-pound weight capacity (or one person). However, it is not designed to accommodate two people. It only takes five minutes to put together, so you’ll be catching fish in no time. It’ll be incredible to sit in this boat. It has a comfortable backrest and a 360-degree swivel seat. You’ll have a great view of the lake as you flip to attain your gear. Raised oarlocks and fishing rod holders are also available to make fishing convenient.

  • Outcast Fish Cat Streamer XL-IR Boat

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The Outcast Fish Cat Streamer XL-IR Pontoon Boat is an excellent option for most people for a convenient and lightweight choice for escaping into almost any body of water! This unique boat is eight feet in length and four and a half feet wide, with a pontoon diameter of 16 inches, making it surprisingly sturdy for its dimensions. Because of its shorter length and pontoon style, this boat is extremely sensitive when maneuvering flowing water, making it an excellent solo alternative for rivers and streams fishing. Those who want to add some engine power, the Streamer XL-IR is also fitted with a trolling motor.

  • Bris Fish Hunter Dinghy Inflatable Boat

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The Bris Fish Hunter is a strong fishing boat with unrivaled reliability, highest functionality, and, most notably, top quality safety. This is a boat for experts, not a toy for a float every now and then.With that in mind, it stands to reason that this dinghy includes characteristics that boating experts searching for a boat will value. It is a large boat but still lightweight. It has an aluminum floor for stability. Great as a fishing boat for 4-5 people.[1]  There’s a motor mount included.[2] 

  • Newport Vessels Sport Dinghy Inflatable Boat

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Some purchasers prioritize acquiring a strong inflatable boat, and if you also do, this particular boat should be your preference. With a 10hp motor engine attached to the rear use(which is quite strong for an inflatable boat) and a maximum speed of more than 20 mph, this boat meets your requirements and will make you happy with your acquisition. It will truly pierce the water like a spear.

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