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How to blow up your Coleman Saluspa Faster

bestway miami saluspa inflatable hot tub

Inflatable hot tubs like the Coleman SaluSpa offer the luxury of a spa experience with the convenience of portability and easy setup. If you’ve recently acquired a Coleman SaluSpa, or are considering purchasing one, understanding the correct inflation process is crucial for ensuring its longevity and your enjoyment. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to inflate your Coleman SaluSpa.

Preparing for Inflation

Before you start inflating your Coleman SaluSpa, choose a suitable location. It should be a flat, even surface free of sharp objects that could puncture the tub. Ensure the area can handle the weight of the spa once filled with water and people. Also, consider proximity to a power source for the pump and heater.

What You’ll Need

  • Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub
  • SaluSpa pump (included with your hot tub)
  • A ground cloth or mat (optional, for extra protection)

Inflation Steps

Step 1: Unpack and Spread Out the SaluSpa

Unpack your Coleman SaluSpa and spread it out on the chosen spot. If you’re using a ground cloth or mat, lay that down first.

Step 2: Connect the Pump

Attach the inflation hose to the pump. The Coleman SaluSpa typically comes with a pump that also functions as an air blower for inflation, a water filtration system, and a heater.

Step 3: Inflate the Tub

Locate the inflation valve on your SaluSpa and connect the inflation hose. Turn on the pump, and your hot tub will begin to inflate. Ensure the tub inflates evenly, and avoid over-inflation, as this can damage the tub.

Step 4: Check the Inflation Level

Most Coleman SaluSpas have an inflation gauge or indicator. Make sure the inflation level is within the recommended range. The tub should be firm, with a bit of give, to accommodate water and people without straining the seams.

Step 5: Disconnect the Pump

Once the SaluSpa is inflated to the recommended level, turn off the pump and carefully disconnect the inflation hose. Secure the inflation valve cap.

Step 6: Fill with Water

After inflating the hot tub, you can begin filling it with water. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the appropriate water level.

Step 7: Heat the Water

Once filled with water, you can turn on the heating system. The time to heat the water will depend on the starting temperature of the water and the ambient temperature.

Additional Tips

  • Temperature Check: Do not inflate the tub in very cold temperatures, as the material can become less flexible and more prone to damage.
  • Regular Inspections: Regularly check the tub for any signs of deflation or leaks.
  • Proper Deflation: When deflating, ensure all air is removed before folding and storing the tub to prevent creases or damage.


Inflating a Coleman SaluSpa is a straightforward process that can be completed in a short amount of time. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience in your own backyard. Remember to refer to the specific instructions provided with your model for the best results and to maintain the warranty.

With proper setup and maintenance, your Coleman SaluSpa can provide endless hours of enjoyment, making it a worthy investment for those seeking the spa experience at home.

How to inflate coleman saluspa without hose

Inflating the Coleman SaluSpa without the provided inflation hose might require some creativity and resourcefulness. Still, it is possible. Here are a few methods you might consider:

  1. Manual Pump with Adapter:
    • If you have a manual air pump (like one used for inflating air mattresses or pool toys), you can use it to inflate the SaluSpa.
    • To make the connection between the pump and the spa, you might need an adapter. Some pumps come with multiple nozzle sizes or a universal nozzle that could fit the SaluSpa’s inflation valve.
  2. Electric Air Pump:
    • An electric air pump can also be used, provided it has an appropriate nozzle or you can fashion an adapter. Electric pumps are usually faster and require less effort than manual pumps.
  3. Hair Dryer (Cool Setting Only):
    • In a pinch, you can use a hairdryer on its cool setting (NEVER use the hot setting, as it can damage the inflatable material).
    • Hold the hair dryer nozzle against the SaluSpa’s inflation valve, creating as tight a seal as possible with your hand or some form of tape. Turn on the hair dryer, and the airflow should begin inflating the spa.
  4. DIY Adapter:
    • If you don’t have the exact nozzle to fit the SaluSpa’s inflation valve, you can try to create an adapter using materials like duct tape, rubber, or plastic tubing. The goal is to create a tight seal between the pump’s nozzle and the spa’s inflation valve.
  5. Shop Vac:
    • If you have a shop vacuum that can blow air (many models have both suction and blow functions), it can be used to inflate large items quickly. Make sure to attach the appropriate nozzle or create a seal using tape or an improvised adapter.

Important Points:

  • Monitor the Inflation: Regardless of the method used, always monitor the inflation process. Avoid over-inflating, which can damage the SaluSpa.
  • Safety First: When using any electrical equipment, ensure it stays dry and is kept away from the water-filled spa.
  • Seal the Valve: After inflating, quickly seal the inflation valve to prevent air loss.
  • Check for Leaks: Once inflated, listen for air leaks and inspect the spa to ensure it’s properly inflated and there are no issues.

While these methods can work in the absence of the standard inflation hose, always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If possible, try to obtain a replacement hose or the appropriate adapter to ensure the best inflation results.