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How to clean an Inflatable Paint booth

how to clean your inflatable paint booth

There are many benefits to using an inflatable paint booth, such as better temperature control and improved airflow. But with these benefits come the challenge of how to clean the booth properly and safely. Cleaning an inflatable paint booth requires special considerations due to the airtight environment. In this guide, we’ll cover the key steps for cleaning your inflatable paint booth, explain why each step is necessary, and provide tips on best practices. After reading through our advice, you’ll be able to keep your paint booth clean, efficient, and safe for painting projects.

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Materials needed:

– Soft-bristled brush

– Non-abrasive cleaner

– Water hose or power washer

– Microfiber Towels

Step 1: Empty the booth before starting the cleaning process.

Remove all items such as tools, equipment, or debris inside the booth that may affect the cleaning process.

Step 2: Use a soft-bristled brush to gently sweep away any loose dirt or debris accumulated on the booth’s walls or roof.

Step 3: Use a non-abrasive cleaner that is specifically designed for inflatable products, like Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner or Concrobium Mold Control. Dilute it with water in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and apply it generously to all surfaces using a sprayer.

Step 4: Leave the solution on for at least 10 minutes, allowing it to penetrate deep into the material so that it can loosen any dirt or grime.

Step 5: Using either a hose or power washer (with adjustable pressure settings), thoroughly rinse off all areas of the inflatable paint booth until no soap residue remains.

Step 6: Allow enough time for the booth to dry entirely before deflating and folding up. Be sure to leave enough space around it to avoid moisture trapping, which might result in mold growth.

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– Before cleaning, inspect your inflatable paint booth thoroughly for any damages or leaks.

– Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning as they could damage sensitive parts and/or cause discoloration.

– Never use sharp objects when cleaning your inflatable paint booth as they could puncture holes in its surface.

– Make routine cleaning part of your regular maintenance schedule to prolong lifespan.


By following these simple steps and tips, you can keep your inflatable paint booth clean and in excellent condition for years ahead! Remember always to read through users’ manuals beforehand since different brands have specific requirements while handling them during cleaning sessions.